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+ Textile chemicals in Egypt (Products) for :

Established 1990, we now offer a complete range of chemical auxiliaries for all types of fibers & fabrics like cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, acrylic etc. We are proud to have stock of about 400 items always on hand & offices in Cairo & Alexandria with a highly qualified technical sales team, which offer technical services i.e. conduct lab & production trials with up-to-date techniques.

425 Pretreatment: Detergents,  stabilizers, lubricants,  wetting, sequestering, mercerizing & scouring agents

24 Dyeing: Acid buffers, alkaline buffers, anti-migrating, dispersing, leveling, after-treatment & reduction clearing agents in acid medium eco carriers, stripper wash off.

15 Printing: Emulsifiers, binders, ready-made pastes, thickeners, oxidizing, reducing agents, Natural FA.

12 Finishing: Resins, catalysts, softeners, silicones, polyethylene dispersions, antistatic, polyurethane, hydrophilic, luster agents.

10 Miscellaneous: Optical brightener for polyester, cotton blends, antifoam, anti-back staining, retarders, (fixing, cleaning, stain, flame, water, oil repellent) agents, Bio-polish, anti-pilling, peroxide killer, desizing.

8 Adhesives: GBadhesive Paste ,Gbadhsive RF New.

8 Coating & Sizing: Copolymers hard tacky free, soft tacky, soft tacky free, stain-repellent, Acrylate sizing liquids.

6 Optical brighteners: For polyester, cotton & blends. 

GBstain repellent FC Conc. and GBrepellent HP GBphor PES/Co GBflame-retardant & biocides

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1 Unique pigments

5 One of a kind pigments for paints, Inks, leather, building-construction, paper, pulp, detergents, artists’ color etc. As well easily free-flowing, powder pigments of a unique, micro-predispersed character, which is used in textile printing and is compatible with all binders, dispersions and emulsion for water based recipes.

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Leather Chemical Products

45 BASF Masterbatch in Africa & Middle East :

for plastic and fibre industry: 

  • Packaging, 
  • Construction, 
  • Automotive,
  • Household, 
  • Fibers, 
  • Sports & Leisure

As well as additives, UV absorbers, antioxidants, softener modifiers, plastisols etc.

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452 Textile chemicals in Egypt (functions & recipes) for :

  • Pretreatment,
  • Dyeing, 
  • Printing, 
  • Finishing, 
  • Miscellaneous

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Dyes In Egypt

Disperse dyes

Disperse shades ,Trichromatic shade

1 Reactive dyes

Reactive Shades ,Trichromatic shade

45 Paints & Chemicals

4 Paint
Primers, resins, car paints, Construction Paints, Products for wood.

4 Chemicals
Unique chemical products and raw materials for paints & construction: e.g. copolymers hard tacky free, soft tacky, soft tacky free, stain-repellent.

Raw materials for detergents & intermediates are also available.

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24Detergents :

Cairo head office: 9, square 1163 El Shaheed Fouad Thabet St., El Wozara square Sheraton Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt

Phone: +202 2268 3983, +2012 2809 9699. Fax: +202 2268 4663. E-Mail: logistics@gb-chem.net


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